Saturday, November 7, 2015

I Know Donner and Cupid and Lipsy and.....


The girls have so enjoyed reading the blog and so have I.  Found another few treasures on the flip video this a.m.  This was the girls performing when Ernie and Grammy were here and we celebrated Ernie's birthday with a Spicy Party.  All things spicy to include games, presents, and food.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


My girl is now 8 and still continues to make us laugh with the things she says.

The other day she asked how David and I met.  He told her we met in middle school in English class. She said, "English is easy.  Uno, dos, tres...oh wait.  That's Spanish. "

When the soccer ball goes out of bounds, she calls it "out of balance."

When David graduated, he worn a "nightgown."

My B is 70, and she's not even dead.


Cornbread- bread corn

"By are head we all are fed..."  Grace by Lindsey

Whoop cream




Sunday, February 20, 2011

Molly...our USC Carolina Girl

The USC Basketball Team has a group called the Carolina Girls that dance during half-time at the games. They offered a program that you could sign up for and spend an afternoon learning a dance and then the next weekend the girls would dance during the halftime show. When David brought the information home, Molly said she definitely wanted to participate. When he asked Lindsey if she wanted to do it, she asked him, "Why would I want to do that?" So, the weekend of February 5th, Molly spent 4 hours at the Colonial Center learning a dance and Lindsey and David went to the movies, to Cupcake, the State House grounds and cemetery, and Carmax. I was out of town and when I called to see how her day was, Lindsey told me it was the best day of her life. Molly had a great time too and I certainly enjoyed my relaxing weekend in Bluffton with Sherri Lee.The following Saturday, Molly had to go early to rehearse so David, Lindsey and I hung around and waited for her to finish. I put a few Hannah Montana songs on my ipod and Lindsey was completely entertained.
Love that little girl in her hat.
I asked Molly if she met any friends at the Carolina Girls Dance Clinic and she told me about her new friend Claire. Here's Claire. Not was I was thinking when I said "new friend." They danced to Justin Bieber's song, "Baby" which made Molly so very happy! She loved dancing with the other girls and is already talking about signing up for next year.She was grinning ear to ear when she got back to our seats. McCrary and Molly during "Sand Storm."
The Georgia fans in front of us were happy to give us their USC towels so everyone had a prop for "Sand Storm."
The crew. A great time for all. Lindsey said she "might" want to do it next year. If not, she can have another "best day of her life" with David.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day. Molly greeted us in her red, pink, frilly get-up and wanted me to take a millions pictures of her from all angles. When I went to her classroom that afternoon to help with the Valentine's Party, her teacher commented on her corsage. Evidently, Molly put the corsage that David had given her for the Father/Daughter Dance in her backpack and wore it all day at school. She is my girlie girl!
Lindsey didn't want her picture taken at all and only agreed if Gabriel, the new foster dog could be in the picture with her. She was happy to wear red and was so excited about passing out Valentine's to her classmates.

Molly and Lindsey's class are Book Buddies together and their classes made Valentine's for those people that could use some extra love. I took Molly, Lindsey and Ann Ryan to a nursing home to deliver their classes hand-made Valentine cards and to give a flower to each of them as well. The patients really enjoyed the visit from the girls and the girls would like to go back and read to them. It makes me happy that Molly and Lindsey have teachers that are teaching the children about caring for others and reaching out to those in need. It was a beautiful day so we were in the yard playing. Molly and Lindsey rounded the corner with the pooper scooper and the trashcan and told me that for Valentine's they were going to clean up the yard for me. Molly declared, "Hey, I'm really good at this." Hoping there are many more days that they want to clean up the yard for me. :)

For our Valentine's meal, we had heart shaped grilled cheese and the girls wanted to eat in the dining room. They set the table and decorated for the occassion. They wanted to dress as princesses for dinner so David and I dined with Cinderella and Snow White.

It was a great day. I do love all three of my Valentines very much. I am a very lucky mom/wife.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Pigs

Pip Squeak and Princess took their first "walk" on one of the warm days we've been having. I think the girls had hopes of them walking down to freind's houses but the were pretty content to hang out and walk a few inches. I have to say they looked pretty darn cute in their harnesses and leashes. The pigs are still a big hit with the girls, especially Lindsey. She takes good care of both of them and makes sure they get out each day to run around.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Father/Daughter Dance

David, Molly, and Lindsey headed off to the Pontiac Father/Daughter Dance on Friday night. This was the first time Lindsey has been able to go to one of these dances. She was very excited and was super cute when David pulled out the corsage for her. Everyone came home reporting they had a great time. David was less sweaty this year...evidently they didn't play "Shout" but they did play "Sweet Home Alabama" which he enjoyed much more than the Justin Bieber songs. :)